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Quinolone Milk Antibiotics Test

Products Range:Dairy Testing(6)Milk Antibiotics Residues Test(2)


Package specification:54boxes/carton

Storage:Store the kit at 2-8°C

profile:Quinolones group antibiotics are widely as inhibition for the activity of bacterial. The MRL has been stated at 100ppb for milk and muscle tissue. The kit 96T per box. Store the kit at 2-8C. The shelf life is 12 months when the kit is prope

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Reviews:    Quinolone Milk Antibiotics Test

  • Your dairy testing product is suitable for our market and some of our customers have asked for these tests. If you believe us, we'd like to promote your brand and start a long-term cooperation with you.
  • We have been following your company for some time since knowing BALLYA brand from friends. We believe you need reliable partners that will help you build the market in Germany. If possible, let us move forward for the business with milk test.
  • I took a look on your web site and saw you have interesting products for vet and food application. I would like to know if it's ok for a O&M business with antibiotic test kit in milk.
  • Hi, I see you have a lot of dairy test, it is amazing, please send price list for all your mlk antibitic test to us. so we can understand how we can start the work.
  • Last month, we tested your samples for Quinolone Milk Antibiotics Test, it looks great. We think it's a good chance for us to go further for business with it.
  • We are Turkey company for veterinary. we have a sample test from my friend for your milk antibiotics test kit. the result is satisfacted.How could we start a cooperation with you?