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4 sensors (BSCT test)

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profile:Coming soon 4 sensor for milk analysis, screen testing milk, dairy antibiotic tests. It is 4 groups of antibiotics bind in a strip, including beta-lactam, tetracycline, streptomycin and chloramphenicol. Quick to recognize the 4 groups antib

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Reviews:    4 sensors (BSCT test)

  • We have been buying Ballya antibiotic test 4 sensor for a few years. There are many brands distributor in our country, but it is very expensive.
  • I would like to order your product-4 groups of antibiotic test strips, please advise how can I place the order?
  • We are interested in your dairy test for distribution purpose in Europe. Please kindly send us the catalog.
  • We are a trading company in Dutch and we sell dairy test for many years. The market is very large in our country, most of your milk powder in China is imported from our country. Hope you could become our supplier.
  • I am interested in On-farm tests for drug residues in milk, details about your milk antibiotic test kit is needed and could you send some samples for us to test first?
  • We have been partners with Ballya for ten years. Their Dairy test was hot sell in our country.
  • Please note that we are looking for a test for detecting 4 antibiotic moleculars in raw milk at collecting points, We found on your web side a test wich correspond to our need (beta, tetra, strepto and chloram) We want to know if you have a dealer in europe or north africa we can launch with discussion for trials as soon as possible
  • Do you have the dairy test for QNS+MAC+LIN? Pls send us details via mail. Also send us the antibiotic test for 4 sensor. Thanks.
  • We have been selling this 4 sensor test kits for 10 years. Ballya is the most trusted partner I've ever seen.
  • I know Ballya. Your products are very popular in the market. Especially 4 sensor test(Beta lactams+Tetracycline+Streptomycin+Chloramphenicol). But we would like to make an OEM for our own brand. Can you help us?