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TriSensors Test Kit

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profile:3 antibiotics(b-lactam+tetracycline+streptomycin) bind in one strip. Only 5 minutes to get results, great help for detecting safe milk in farm. Easy to use, no train, no device, very good for truck carry. Only 5 minutes for results User fri

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  • Dear Ballya, We would like to buy your antibiotic test kit in Mexico. I just send you email, please reply us product detail.
  • I am a trader. I would like to sell this dairy test in our country. Please introduce your products to us via mail. Thank you!
  • We are from Mongolia. We want to know this TriSensors test kits. Beta latams+Tetracycline+Streptomycin test kits. Our Mexico client asked us about this product. Please introduce your products to us. Thanks!