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beta-lactam tetracycline and neomycin combo antibiotic test

Products Range:Dairy Testing(6)milk antibiotic residue test(2)

Specification:96 tests/box

Package specification:54 boxes/carton

Storage:2℃-8℃,no freezing

profile:beta-lactam, tetracycline and neomycin combo test kit 3 Groups antibiotics binding within one strip. Easy to detecting beta-lactams, tetracyclines and neomycin in the raw milk. The test can be used for daily checks in farm, collection centr

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Reviews:    beta-lactam tetracycline and neomycin combo antibiotic test

  • He usado tus kits de prueba de antibióticos durante muchos años. ¿Tienes kits de prueba rápida para CowPre?
  • Good day! We are interested in beta-lactam tetracycline and neomycin combo antibiotic test. Do you have unisensor MRL?
  • To be honest,the beta-lactam tetracycline and neomycin combo antibiotic test of yours is the best one I have used! It's so rapid and cost-effective!
  • Your milk tests strips look interesting, could you advise the advantages and disadvantages compare to Idexx's product- SNAP?
  • I’m interested in your product antibiotic test kit milk beta-lactams + Tetracyclines Test Kit dairy testing, I would like some more details: What is the best price you can offer?
  • Xin chào, tôi quan tâm đến sản phẩm của bạn Bên dòng chảy sữa nhanh chóng chẩn đoán kháng sinh dư lượng beta-lactam sữa kit kiểm tra, tôi muốn nhận thêm thông tin chi tiết. Tôi mong chờ thư trả lời của bạn.
  • Merhaba, ben senin süt antibiyotik test kitleri ilgileniyorum, mutlu etmek tavsiye etmek ister misin grupta, çünkü kullanılır biz NE Ed çok kolay test eder.
  • I have used your rapid milk test for BT Sensor, I am now wondering whether you have a strip for more antibiotics,such as beta-lactam+tetracycline+neomycin+CAP, please write to me for any updation, thanks.
  • We sell food safety test kit over 8 years, dairy test kit, honey test kit, drug residues test kit, etc. Do you have any distributors in Tunis?
  • We try some sample kits, all datas running well, MRL range meet our requirement. We will be good partner in near future. Calra gave me lots support. Thank you Calra!
  • Last month I tried to detect drug residues in my cow milk. It seems good to understand. Fast testing to know result. Where I can buy more kit? Do you have distributor in Greece?
  • I used this kit to detect beta-lactam, tetracycline and neomycin in my farm, it's quite good! Shorttime to see result, easy to use. I like it.