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BTM Sensor

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profile:beta-lactam, tetracycline and melamine combo test kit 3 Groups antibiotics binding within one strip. Easy to detecting beta-lactams, tetracyclines and melamine in the raw milk. The test can be used for daily checks in farm, collection centr

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Reviews:    BTM Sensor

  • Do you know the EU MRL for the dairy test of Melamine? Waiting for your reply.
  • I have a cow farm. I would like to buy this dairy test for personal use.
  • We sell this dairy test very well in our country. It doesn't need an incubator. That is very simple to use for farmer.
  • This BTM Sensor test kits are very helpful to us. We used to sell BT sensor test and Melamine test. That's a high cost to us. And Jessie suggests making a combination of BT sensor and Melamine test. That's good idea to us and this product is very hot sell. Thank you Jessie.