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Spectinomycin Test In Raw Milk

Products Range:Spectinomycin Milk Test(1)Macrolides Milk Test(3)


Package specification:54boxes/carton

Storage:Store the kit at 2-8°C

profile:The SpectinomycinTest special for detecting spectinomycin residues in raw, commingled cow milk at or below established tolerance and/or safe levels. Only 5 minutes for results User friendly Highly sensitive Cost-effective Save milk, save ti

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Reviews:    Spectinomycin Test In Raw Milk

  • Greeting to you. We are a global traiding company, a friend who recommended you to us, we would like to place an order on some of your diagnostic test products. We will go forward for the busiess if getting your early reply.
  • The majority of my clients around the world are very interested in farm dairy testing of SCC (Somatic Cell Counts) and TBC (Total Bacteria Counts) as this is measured by the dairies and reflects in their premium bonus payments, it is also a good measure of how healthy the cows are and if any attention is needed on the machine or environment. Are these tests availble for you to supply?
  • We work with equipment for analysis of milk and wine, we are interested in diagnostic test in milk. rapid and easy-to-use test kits for food safety. Hope for a successful joint work!
  • We are a milk processing plant and looking for quick tests for detecting antibiotics from milk, please provide more information about your rapid detection kit for drug residues test.
  • We are interested in rapid test kit for milk antibiotic residue. Would it be possible for you to send us a few sample kits for us to test in our quality control department?