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Pig Toxoplasmosis

Date: 2016-05-20 14:49   Writer: admin

Toxoplasmosis is a kind of protozoosis caused by toxoplasma goodii. It is a zoonosis and with broad hosts and high infection rate in human and animals . According to a report, the average infection rate of human is 25%-50%, so, there are at least 0.5 billion people infect toxoplasmosis. It can causes the whole pigs in the farm infected with toxoplasmosis when it outbreaks, and the mortality is above 60%.

Ballya Toxoplasma Gondii Antibody Rapid Test Kit is a rapid immunochromatography assay that detect toxoplasma gondii antibody in whole blood and serum.

After add sample into sample hole(S), toxoplasma gondii antibodies coated on colloidal gold move along the special membrance of the kit. If there are toxoplasma gondii antibodies,they form a complex remove antigens on T line to develop wine red, if not, no color occurs.