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Brazil Will Export Dairy Pproducts to China For the First Ti

Date: 2016-05-20 14:41   Writer: admin

Brazil secretary of agriculture announced that Brazil will open the gate of exporting dairy products to China, chinese market has a great potential.

China is the biggest dairy products exported country. The total amount of this kind of product in 2014 is 6.4 billions. Abreu saied that the negotiation of dairy products import and export between Brazil and China started from 1996, and it finally reach a result  China has admited Brazil health quarantine authentication, Brazil dairy enterpises can apply for export permission to China from now. The  total amount of exporting dairy  products to China  is expected  to  reach USD54,000,000. The  main  products are milk powdercheese and butter.

In addition, the number of Brazil dairy enterprises that allowed to export to Russia increase 13 on the original 13 .Russia is the second biggest dairy marketin the world.The market opening of China and Russia will contribute to stabilizing the price of dairy products in Brazil, Abreu saied.