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Date: 2016-05-20 14:40   Writer: admin


Aflatoxin,  a compound with strong biological toxicity, so far the strongest carcinogen produced by Aspergillus flavus and  several other molds in moldy grain, such as rice, beans, and peanuts. The main members of it  are B1, B2, G1, G2 plus two additional metabolic products, M1 and M2. Aflatoxin is  mainly secondary metabolites and commonly  occurs in food and feed on  damp-hot areas. They exist in the soil,  animals  and plants, all  kinds  of nuts,  especially can easily contaminate grain and oil products, such as peanut, corn, rice, soybeans, and wheat. Aflatoxin is the most toxic among mycotoxins and a prominent hazard to human health such as tissue bleeding and anorexia.

In 1993, WHO cancer research agency regulated  aflatoxin as a category1 carcinogens