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Fonterra Reduce the Supply of Dairy Products Again

Date: 2016-05-20 14:31   Writer: admin

According to the report of New Zealand media on Sept, 11th , Fonterra announced to reduce the supply  of 2.205  tons of dairy products in the future 12 months, and 1.52 tons will be reduced in the future 3 months. The result of reducing the supply of dairy products is that the supply of whole dairy products of New Zealand will decreased  and the structure  of dairy products will change.

According to the reduction plan, the supply of whole milk powder will reduce 8,400 tons in Sept-Oct; 7,500 tons in Jan.-Mar.2016, this is the most important part of the plan. In addition, the supply of skim milk powder will reduce 6,000 tons from Oct.2015-Jan.2016.

As Fonterra  occupies  1/3 trade volume of  global  dairy  products, and China is the biggest exporting country of dairy products, the reduction plan will affect Chinese dairy products market. experts explained that large enterprises hoard a large number od raw materials, so they are in the period of digestive inventory by the end of the year, for this reason, the reduction plan will not affect China in short term.