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Porcine pseudorables

Date: 2016-05-20 14:28   Writer: admin

20150721183915461Features of clinical signs mainly depend on  levels of virus and the age of pigs. Young pigs are sickest.


  1. Mass Mortality
  2. Peak of death in 3-5 days
  3. Neurological sign, lethargy, hoot, vomit, diarrhea
  4. Symptoms of Autopsy include: kidney is full of acicular spots, pulmonary edema, congestion and bleeding of Meningeal surface
  5. Temperature rising above 41 degrees, ftoigue, shiver, incoordination, spasm, vomit, diarrhea. Few recovery
  6. Weaned pigs : the morbidity is about 20%-40%, the death rate is 10%-20%. Main symptoms are neurlogical sign, diarrhea, vomit
  7. Adult pigs are inapparent infection, mild symptoms, and recover  in 4-8 days. main symptoms: fever, depression, vomit, coughing.
  8. Most outbreaks occur during the late winter and early spring months
  9. Capillary under ear leathers bleed
  10. The another clinical character is infertility in boars.


Clinical signs of procine circovirus disease

  1. gradual wasting or growth retardation
  2. Anorexia, depression, slow movement. pallor, rough hair coat, dyspnea, coughing is the characteristic spiratory problems
  3. Rare symptoms: diarrhea, disturbances of the central nervous system
  4. Lower morbidity but high death rate. Anemia, icterus Superficial lymphadenopathy and can be reached, especially  nodi lymphoidei inguinales superficiales inferioresta
  5. Rare: Gastric ulcer, growsiness, central nervous system disorder, and sudden death
  6. Most PCV2 are subclinical infection
  7. Symptoms increased and the death rate is 10%-30% in the condition of poor ventilation, excessive crowding, dirty air, polyculture and infected with other virus
  8. Congenital tremor
  9. Commonly mixed infection, PCV infection can cause immunosuppression , which make the pigs are easy to infect other virus, this is the reason why the occurrence of both procine circovirus disease and other diseases. The most common mixed infections are PRRSV, PRV, PPV, MPn, pasteurella multocida, PEDV, SIV; some are double infection or triple infection, the case fatality rate can reach 25%-40%