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beta-lactam tetracylines combo milk antibiotic residues test

Products Range:Dairy Testing(7)

Specification:96 tests/box

Package specification:54 boxes/carton

Storage:2℃-8℃,no freezing

profile:Beta-lactam tetracylines combo cow milk antibiotic residues rapid test strips It is the beta -lactams + tetracyclines combo test , an enzyme-linked receptor-binding assay that detects the -lactams group Tetracyclines group. Available BT sen

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Reviews:    beta-lactam tetracylines combo milk antibiotic residues test

  • Hello, We are interested in your Dairy test for distribution purpose in our country. Please kindly send the catalog.
  • Hello, your dairy antibiotic test strips are interesting for us, can you share detailed informatiion for all your rapid tests strips to me for reference
  • Hola, Estoy interesado en su producto Beta-lactámicos y tetraciclinas doble sensor kits de prueba, Me gustaría saber algunos detalles más:
  • Hello, We are interested in the item milk antibiotic test strips, Betalactam+Tetrecycline Combo test Do you have a German representation where we can buy the test. Many thanks for the answer.
  • I need milk quality test to prevent antibiotic residue in milk, could you help me?
  • Hello, I am interested in you dairy testing strips, the product beta-lactam tetracycline combo milk antibiotic residues test. please send detailed information for this dairy test.
  • We are a food testing lab, and we would like to know whether you have the interest to cooperate with us for antibiotic residue tests.
  • I have used this dairy test in the field, it can be used without incubator and only need 200ul milk, the testing results are easy to interpret, It is so hard for me to perform milk antibiotic residue test before, but now it is easy for me, thanks very much.
  • Hello, Ballya guys, it has been years since I have used beta-lactam tetracycline combo test, it helps us a lot, thank you.
  • beta-lactam tetracylines combo milk antibiotic residues test