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BALLYA BIO was founded in 2007 based on a small private laboratory, and focuses on the biological and medical field with full advanced technologies to research & develop, manufacture and market new & improved products.

During the past 8 years of development, today, we have standard laboratory and R & D center for work and cooperate with many universities, research institutes, local and foreign companies for some future projects that are innovative and revolucionarios.Ahora products, we 3 brands with subsidiary, affiliated company and sister company to manufacture, market and promote our products and services.

With our high end technologies, dedicated to biology, food safety, environmental health, veterinary and therapeutic humana.Nuestro goal it is to provide new, good and reliable products and technologies to customers, partners, distributors and consumers.

security products for food and feed
Milk test:

After seven years of continuous development, we have invented a series of tests for the rapid detection of antibiotic residues in raw milk

Beta-lactam test

BT Sensor (Test Beta-lactam + tetracycline)

3 Sensors (Test Beta-lactam + tetracycline + sulfonamides)

TriSensors (Test Beta-lactam + tetracycline + streptomycin)

4 sensors (Test Beta-lactam + + streptomycin + tetracycline chloramphenicol)
Test aflatoxin M1 (50ppt)
lincomycin test
test streptomycin
test kanamycin
Erythromycin Test
erythromycin test
test spectinomycin
test neomycin
gentamicin test
sulfonamides test
QS Test Combo (quinolone + sulfonamide)

Test combo + gentamicin neomycin + streptomycin
Test neomycin combo + Gentamicin + streptomycin + kanamycin
Amino 4Sensor (gentamicin + neomycin + streptomycin + kanamycin test combo)

Milkpro test (rapid test protein for milk)

Test feed :
Aflatoxin B1 Test

zearalenone test
T2 test

Deoxynivalenol Test – DON(Voitoxin)

Animal Test:
Keto Test (dairy cow ketosis test kit) ;
CowMas Test (dairy cow mastitis rapid test)
PigPreg Test (Sow Pregnancy Test)

Test -DON deoxynivalenol (Voitoxin)
Influenza Products

Reconbinant Protein
Viral cDNA
Influenza ELISA Kit

Rapid Diagnostic Strip : —



Reconbinant Protein
Viral cDNA
Influenza ELISA Kit
Rapid Diagnostic Strip : —
Influenza A/B Test Kit
Avian Influenza General Test Kit
H5 Subtype Influenza Test Kit
H6 Subtype Influenza Test Kit
H7 Subtype Influenza Test Kit
H9 Subtype Influenza Test Kit

Viral pseudotyped particle
Viral antigenic analysis
Viral phylogenetic analysis
Viral genetic analysis
VLP production
Custom Scientific Service

IVD Materials
Monoclonal Antibody
Reconbinant Proteins
Ferret Hyperimmune Antisera
Viral cDNA Clones
Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Kits

Bateriophages(known as ‘phage’) based products. As raw materials for comprehensive application of food safety, environment sanitation, human therapeutics, veterinary medicine and vaccine, pharmaceutics, cosmetic manufacturing, feed manufacturing, etc.

Lab Analyte
Bio Technology Transfer
Antibody & Antigen Customization
IVD Manufacturing Advice

Our market over European, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, America .

Customer satisfaction is the driving force to move us to increase, improve, speed to lanuch the innovative and reliable products for customers.